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Tips for Choosing the Best Wood for Laser Engraving

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There are so many unique and exciting things that can be done with lasers at Z3 Custom, a leader in custom laser engraving in Ohio. Wood has become one of the most popular materials to engrave and cut with a laser. This versatile material can be used in a number of different projects. The best wood for laser engraving depends on your project. Engraving results can vary greatly even between similar types of wood. If you want to use wood for laser engraving, keep in mind some of the following information when you are discussing your project with professional engravers.

Depending on the resin or sap content, wood burns lighter or darker. For a darker burn, choose the wood that has high resin content like cherry or alder wood. If you want a minimal burn for a specific product, choose wood with lower resin content. The base color of a laser-etched wooden product always follows the color of the wood. That’s why you want to consider the wood’s color so you can achieve the results you expect.

It’s important to choose wood with minimal streaking. Streaks on engraved wood distract from the overall image of the piece. When you are searching for wood to laser engrave, choose one that has minimal streaks and a smooth, consistent grain.

Some wood species are more suitable for laser engraving than others. The following kinds of wood are sure to produce outstanding results:

  • Alder
  • Cherry
  • Maple